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Silver Airways is horrible. The flight was booked through Expedia and I was given no notice from anyone that I apparently had to reserve specific seats next to my family (I instead, understandably, assumed that by booking my wife and daughter at the same time, we would be put next to each other..).

wWhen I did try to manage the reservation through Expedia, and even through Silver Airways, I had no option of controlling the seats assigned. Instead, upon arrival at the airport, I was told we were given three separate seats (my daughter is eight years old and I was not about to have her sit by herself). The flight out for the vacation (Tampa to Key West) was one fiasco, but I assumed the same would be true for the flight back home so I called Silver Airways directly and reached a very rude “customer service” representative named Regina, who proceeded to blame me as the customer for waiting too long to choose a seat and said that the airline had control over the seat assigment and that “ The flight was booked back in January“ insinuating I’m a moron for not magically understanding their backward way of doing things and that it was my fault and it’s now too late for them to do anything about it.... She had no empathy and did nothing to correct the situation.

Instead, she chose to further anger a customer who was already angry to begin with... Not cool. Here I am with my family on an expensive vacation and having a miserable time because of a lack luster company that does not care about their customers...

on top of that, they charge $35 per checked bag and made no mention of that prior (it may be in some FinePrint somewhere but it’s not something anybody is going to take notice of until you’re at the airport with your bags)... Horrible!

Product or Service Mentioned: Silver Airways Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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