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My party of four had a flight from Bimini, Bahamas to Fort Lauderdale at 10:50am. We arrived at 9:30am, just to be safe.

It was then we saw two other parties, 3 people each, who arrived 15 minutes prior. We came to the airport, getting greeted with 'Flight Closed' signs. We kept asking what was going on, and after 5 tries (plus additions from the other parties) we were told that registration closes 2 hours prior to the flight. In this case, Lord bless the company, the registration closed at 10 minutes later (9am sharp).

All 10 of us kept pleading to help up onto the flight, but we ended up wasting an hour as we watched our plane leave right before us at 10:30! We had a clear view of the plane, and there weren't even many people on board. The only 'help' we were able to receive was getting transferred to another flight in 24 hours, with a fee of $176 (in addition to the original ticket price). This was not an option, for my party had another flight the next morning at 6am.

I'll also mention their refusal to properly communicate with us, for they were laughing at all 10 of us the entire time.

It felt absolutely horrible, getting there only 30 minutes late (with an hour and a half left of sitting helplessly in an airport), getting no cooperation from the attendants, watching helplessly as the plane leaves, and getting laughed at the entire time.

My party ended up using a ferry with a cheaper fee, but these people ruined our whole experience and the image of the people of the Bahamas. Never using this company to travel ever again.

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to issue a full refund as the author lost $450. mkmarsik is overall dissatisfied with Silver Airways. The most disappointing about silver airways flight at Silver Airways was poor communication with customers, poor customer service and rude customer service Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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The Mystery of Silver Airways Flight 134


"Just to be safe." Are you kidding. If you show up for an international flight 80 minutes before scheduled departure, you are late.

You do realize that it takes longer to prepare an international flight, (passports and forwarding passenger lists to the USA, etc.)

YOU WERE LATE. Grasp that concept. You were late. Obviously there was nothing the airlines employees could do in light of the fact that you were late.

It appears that your are very careless with time. You said you arrived at 9:30 am for a 10:50 am flight. (1 hour and 20 minutes).

Yet you later refer to how horrible it was "with an hour and a half left of sitting helplessly in an airport" First you say you were there 80 minutes before the flight, now you refer to 90 minutes before the flight. Perhaps a good basic course in time telling would help solve your problem with being late.

to Anonymous #1008044

I'd like to point out that many times I have been late to an international flight (it's not like I intend to be late, it just happens) and the attendants still let me onto the flight, even when I'm very late. I'll also be happy to take math lessons from you, if you don't mind. Thanks

to Anonymous #1013963

I'll also like to mention that upon further inspection, according to the Silver Airways official boarding passes and website, it is only recommended to arrive 2 hours prior to the flight, but not a requirement. It is required to arrive 45 minutes before the flight, which we were eligible for.

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