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Recently I took a flight to from Orlando to Treasure Cay, Bahamas, via Fort Lauderdale. The trip to Treasure Cay was uneventful. Baggage got there and all flights were on time. The flights back were a much different story. My flight from Treasure Cay to Fort Lauderdale was delayed for an hour and one half, but the rude flight attendant (heavyset female) at the airport would not advise the reason for the delay, nor when we might depart. My concern was for my connecting flight. We finally left Treasure Cay with under 30 minutes to connect with my flight to Orlando, after clearing customs, re-checking my bags, and then getting to my next departure terminal/gate. First, there was a short bus ride to the entrance to the International terminal. This took forever. The drivers had no sense of urgency for the passengers with connecting flights. Once we got to the entrance to the International terminal, we walked an excessive distance to start the customs process. The process was brutal as two or three other planes from South American countries arrived at the same time. After finally clearing customs, I needed to re-check my checked bag. My past experience was always to pick up my checked bag and recheck it in close proximity to the baggage carrousel. Not so in Fort Lauderdale. You must carry all your carry-on and checked baggage to an area in the international terminal, and well outside of the secure area. I believe this to be a airport security violation. Eventually, and after several inquiries with airport employees, I was directed to the re-check area. Upon my arrival to the area, which a sign clearly indicating it was the area for Silver Airways, know one was there to receive my checked bag. I tried asking two other airline attendants, "where was Silver Airways bag re-check area?" Both did not know and offered no help (Jet Blue & Spirit).

I then went back to the Terminal Information booth, who directed me to take all bags to my departing terminal to recheck and board my flight. My departing terminal was Terminal 1, which was the farthest terminal from the international terminal. Impossible to walk, so had to find out how to get to T1. I was told that I should go outside and find the busses for all Terminals. I found the bus stand outside exposed to the weather elements. After waiting over 30 minutes in the heat, I boarded the bus for the ride to Terminal 1. I then went to the ticketing level to recheck my bag, then needed to go back through the security before proceeding to the gate. At this point, my flight to Orlando should have departed over an hour before. At the gate I found this flight too was delayed. I ended up getting home an hour and one half later than the schedule. Happy to be home, but very disappointed in Silver Airways on several levels. They are; 1) the rude attendant in Treasure Cay (heavy set black female), 2) the flight delay in Treasure, especially with no explanation, 3) the bus ride from plane to international terminal, attitude and delay, 4) Bag recheck process/area or lack thereof, 5) Terminal transfer process or lack thereof, 6) Delayed flight to my final destination.

To be honest, at this point, I would NOT consider Silver Airways for any flight to any destination.

Homer, Orlando, FL

Product or Service Mentioned: Silver Airways Flight 94.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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