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ZERO RATING-I am at the point with this airlines that I am now compelled to write this review. It has now been over a year and I am still waiting on a resolve from Silver Airways from an eye injury caused by a baggage handler (contracted employee).

After, landing in Orlando, I was instructed to wait and pick up my luggage that was on a cart on the tarmac. When I stepped off the steps of the plane, the baggage handler swung around with a piece of luggage and hit me in the face injuring my eye. To date I have only received a partial payment from an insurance claim that paid a portion of my out of pocket medical costs. No reimbursement for return flight that could not be taken due to injury.

No reimbursement for medication that was needed for the eye. To date...No reimbursement for transportation cost incurred while in Orlando to get to emergency care or pharmacies. No responses from them at all!. Nothing.

How can an airline be so crass in their dealings with customers? Note: Only after some time of not hearing back from anyone at the airlines and getting a run around of who to talk with, I did contact an attorney. However, because I opted not to go to the hospital and because I did not have major or on-going medical bills, the attorney's office was not interested in my case because there was not enough $$ involved. Let me add, It was not about money for me, just the decency of the airlines taking responsibility and getting back what I monetarily lost due to no fault of my own.

Maybe one day they will do what is right. However, after this much time I doubt it. Therefore my only review is to say..If you have a choice, find another airlines.

And, I hope that the executives at Silver Airways feel good about the lack of care they show toward their customers and customers well-being. In my opinion, this is the worst airlines when it comes to communication and care for their passengers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Silver Airways Customer Care.

Reason of review: Injury.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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