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My flight from Tallahassee to Tampa was delayed by over 3 hours, which caused me to miss my bus from Tampa to home in West Palm Beach. I was stuck since it was a Sunday, no other busses were going to West Palm.

I noticed online from reading my delay updates that flight 81 and my plane was continuing service on to West Palm Beach. Tallahassee ticket counter assistants Austin Poy and Theresa Howe confirmed to me that there were open seats remaining on the Tampa-West Palm Beach flight. Also, they confirmed to me that the website would not allow any new purchases on that flight because it was too late at that point. I petitioned, as an active-duty Military Member and a student, to take one of the available seats to arrive at my final destination (West Palm Beach) since there was space, and sales online were ceased.

Receiving no help from the ticketing counter in Tallahassee, I had them call the corporate office for me and they were put on hold for over 30 minutes, as they called the SAME customer service number I had tried earlier (phone customer service told me I had to talk to the ticket counter). Finally, they realized they had a direct line to corporate after 20 mins, and they said I could have that seat, but for a destination change fee of $197, almost double the price that I paid for my original round trip ticket. As a result, I had to spend the night in Tampa and find a new ride to West Palm the following day, Monday the 31st. There was a Tampa-West Palm flight offered by Silver on Monday, but I now refuse to fly with Silver ever again after this unpleasant experience.

Traveling often due to military duties, and living/having friends living in popular Silver destinations, I will now find other means of transportation and will never fly with them again. I will be sure to tell my active duty shipmates to avoid Silver at all costs as well.. Silver singlehandedly ruined my weekend trip to visit family. Sent this exact complaint to their customer feedback page, and it's been a week without a single email or phone call response.

Simply terrible service.

I know Airlines customer service is typically bad, but atleast they respond to your complains and concerns. Silver doesnt even have the decency to do that.

Review about: Silver Airways Flight 3m 81.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Disgraceful treatment of any person.

Even worse for active Military personnel.

My airline would have charged you nothing for the flight extension in an otherwise empty seat and brought you a Pepsi and a magazine.

Thank you for your service and for defending us all but especially the crumb-bums at that airline ...

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